The Lumos Partnership

The Lumos Approach


The Lumos Partnership is proud of its ability to operate impartially while offering affordable and practical advice.

Working with our clients' either individually or as a team, we turn our clients visions into reality by delivering measurable benefits, in a timely and efficient manner.

We offer independent thought, knowledge, leadership and the skills that ensure successful delivery of our clients’ key objectives.

We have enabled many businesses to prosper by redefining their strategic objectives, developing a roadmap to achieve those objectives accompanied with a detailed implementation plan

Through our whole-of-business approach, we are able to positively influence the key strategic components of any company while delivering real value.

Our approach is underpinned by the analysis of opportunity and risk and how they interact and deliver growth – from business risk mitigation through to market opportunity optimisation.

What to Expect from The Lumos Partnership


  • Working in tandem with clients, we offer value through measurable long-term benefits
  • We offer a unique perspective focused on our whole-of-business approach – from corporate strategy to delivering clear corporate messages
  • We ensure delivered outcomes not only resolve current client issues but also address longer-term challenges
  • We define each piece of work in terms of scope, a high level plan, costs and deliverables
  • We work with our clients to ensure our offering exactly meets the agreed requirements
  • Offering practical and realistic advice
  • We challenge preconceived perceptions
  • Protecting our client interests is paramount, that is why our advice is independent and impartial

Core Services

  • Strategic business consulting
  • Operational and risk management
  • Change management and performance management
  • Communications, sales and marketing


  • Giving clients meaningful benefits and value for money
  • Integrity, trust, respect, transparency
  • Delivering on all commitments
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships


We provide clients with the insight, challenge and independent thought to meet their strategic objectives now and for the future.


We are a straight talking, experienced and affordable Management Consulting Partnership. All the partners own a share of the business, this ensures we always act in the best interest of our clients, as this in turn protects our brand and reputation.

Here at The Lumos Partnership we:

  • deliver affordable advice in a sensible way
  • are professional, enthusiastic, experienced and impartial
  • are knowledgeable with each Partner having on average more than 20 years experience
  • know when to apply advanced methodology, though this is always balanced with the need to deliver practical out-comes
  • believe in honesty transparency and a collaborative approach
  • will never accept mediocrity as an outcome
  • will challenge perceptions
  • believe consulting requires creativity balanced with practical experience
  • believe long-term relationships are built on shared values, integrity, trust and ultimately our delivery on commitments
  • define engagements so they are thoroughly planned and outcomes and deliverables are clearly identified