The Lumos Partnership

Our Services

Our Services

There is a common approach to the experience of all Lumos colleagues: the identification, communication and optimisation of risk and return. This supports everything we do across all industry sectors, hence our ability to create and deliver value.

Companies have substantially different risk attitudes and appetites with many looking to minimise their internal risks and maximise their expected return on investment for external risks.

We believe bringing an independent and pragmatic perspective to the risks and opportunities faced by our clients, enables a rational and consistent review of options available.

Enterprise-wide Risk Analysis [EWRA] is fast becoming a substantial regulatory cost and less an integrated tool. We can help review your risk models to:

  • reduce the risk of the potential hazards and dangers of internal processes - Business Risk Mitigation [BRM]
  • maximise opportunities and return of corporate opportunities - Market Opportunity Optimisation [MOO].

The Lumos Partnership assists clients with their full spectrum of risks, both internal and external. These approaches have the following attributes:

  • They recognise and acknowledge risk in all its forms
  • BRM focuses internally and MOO externally. In today’s market place they both contribute to the overall success of the company
  • The company that adopts the principles within BRM and MOO will become more agile and flexible, enabling them to respond to clients needs and changing market conditions, often ahead of their competition
  • The practices we deliver are about empowering a company to move forward and ultimately own the output from BRM and MOO.

EWRA, BRM and MOO are about bringing operating units within companies closer together, to forge stronger ties, common goals and create greater success – we draw this together using a strong communications focus and strategy.