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Customer Experience Programmes

Customer Experience Programmes

Business is all about customer/client experience and how that translates into successful sales and continued growth for your company.

People and by definition clients are known to be fickle. Decisions to proceed with a purchase be it a service or product, are based upon many factors, which may not all be fully stated or known. This becomes even more frustrating when clients say they bought because of a combination of factors. This is not helpful, because you are not sure how to replicate the result, to achieve the same outcome and increase your revenue on a sustainable basis.

Furthermore, your clients have many touch points so that the buying process is increasingly more complex, with ever-more diverse factors coming into play, many of which you cannot positively influence.

We understand that clients have become more sophisticated; an example of this is the client who questions you about your whole business and not just the part they interact with. You may ask why a client should care. The answer is that they are testing you; they wish to establish if you can deliver your commitments, hence the desire to know about your processes and internal support structure. This also helps clients understand how you price your services, an issue that is becoming ever more important in an age of transparency.

We assist companies in achieving a more favourable outcome and a greater degree of confidence in closing that key sale – while being able to repeat the process and shorten the sales cycle.

This is where our whole-of-business approach comes into play. We understand the interdependency of business units and how this interdependency is a powerful tool when managed and deployed correctly.

The key that underpins a successful Sales programme and therefore increased revenue is an effective communications strategy – this is an important component and is at the heart of all successful companies – though this is only part of the story, as the management of change both in direction and behaviors tells the rest of the story and ultimately is how repeatable success is achieved.