The Lumos Partnership

Marketing and Communications

The Lumos Partnership can provide a broad spectrum of marketing and communications functions to ensure an organisation’s key messages are received by the appropriate audience to enhance sales and perception.


Strategic Marketing

Our Partners assist in concept and brand development, market positioning and promotion. Emphasis is placed on creative yet realistic options. As appropriate we manage specialists in advertising, graphic design and print. These strategies are designed to be implemented internally or by The Lumos Partnership.

Market Intelligence

Our Partners work with clients to indentify and interpret research for business development purposes and identifying trends. In some instances this is the bases of developing a specific route into a new market segment.

Change Management

We specialise in change management programmes and believe excellence in communications is absolutely critical to successful transitions. Our Partners will consider all communications options, messages and implications.

Stakeholder and Community Relations

We develop and implement communications programmes to target specific audiences to engender support for client projects, be it in financial services, construction or public sector.

Consultation Programmes

Stakeholder, employee and community consultations provide in depth information and authentic engagement that can support, influence and inform change programmes and new initiatives.

Event Management

The Lumos Partnership manages events on behalf of clients by ensuring marketing and communications objectives are aligned and reflected in the event format/structure, audience, location/venue, speakers and promotional material.  We provide on-site management as well as media relations.