The Lumos Partnership

Organisational Change Management

A successful transformation or change programme will utilise an Organisational Change Management approach. This approach will use a structured set of processes directly related to both people and the culture. This enables the seamless transition of individuals, teams and departments from the current state, to the desired future state.

Organisational programme of this nature consists of four key steps, which will be aligned to the key corporate objectives.

Organisational Change Management

The steps are -

1 - Creating Awareness of Change -communicating and working with organisational teams to ensure the need for change is shared and understood. This involves working with people’s perceptions of old processes and the promotion of new and improved ways of operating.

2 - Encouraging Desire and Need to Change –Building upon the knowledge and appreciation that changed behaviours are required. Encouraging the willingness and desire to support, participate and adopt new skills and behaviours.

This is the transition stage - moving people forward to embrace change.

3 - Ensuring Changed Behaviours through Sustainable Processes –Ensuring that once introduced, new skills and behaviours are underpinned by new processes to enable sustainability. This is the embedding of people, cultural and process change to foster a sustainable long-term synthesis of people and processes.

4 - Organisational Development – For continued sustainability and success of the embedded changes, Lumos takes an integrated approach to make certain organisations obtain optimal results.

This is achieved through training and managing performance within agreed frameworks, planned goals, standards and behaviours.