The Lumos Partnership

Process Eco-System

Critical in underpinning the development of a business case is the existence of a process eco-system - an integrated set of processes, in conjunction with those already in existence that delivers best practice in the drive towards creating a centre of excellence which yields real financial returns.

We consider a process eco-system to include two key elements:

A Control Governance Framework

A control governance framework, designed to provide control, is created and maintained through the demand management process and will encompass a variety of programmes/projects of any complexity or scale.

Figure 2 shows a typical implementation dynamics and clearly demonstrates that accurate and controlled programme governance ensures issues are resolved at the earliest opportunity and best practice is achieved. This enables a programme completion 100% in line with the original business case (subject to change control).

Strategy Objective Process

The purpose of the framework is to ensure a project successfully delivers products/services that meet business requirements, yield the expected benefits and can be efficiently supported and managed.

In the longer-term the eco-process and framework will ensure quality is achieved first time every time and simultaneously allows rapid application development techniques and agile responsiveness to customer requirements.

A Performance Measurement Process

An interlinked set of metric-driven processes that define an organisation’s capability and provide the ability to measure the achievement of project success.

Results can be tracked and monitored on a through life basis using standard KPIs and the control governance process.